Andrea is a pretty well-rounded nerd with a deep love for all things anime, Harry Potter, games, and well…you get the idea! She enjoys short walks on the beach, because no one likes trudging through sand, cuddling with puppies despite being heavily allergic, and cooking mediocre dishes and forcing her friends to eat them.

San Diego, CA is her current home, but she grew up in the Lone Star State. Despite being from Texas, no. She doesn’t like Barbecue all that much. It must be thanks to her notorious poor taste in literally everything. Don’t believe me?

Her favorite video game of all time is Fable 3. Yeah. I know. Tell her she’s a heathen. Because she is.

You can catch her mostly on Twitch streaming Overwatch, Destiny 2, or some weird indie game that no one thinks is cool except her. After she finishes an indie game, she will subject you to a game review of whatever it was (good or bad) on this website! You’ve been successfully lured into a trap. Congratulations!


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